A: Prior to your appointment, you are required to have a few forms completed 24 hours before your appointment: Massage Intake Form, Liability Wavier, Covid-19 Wavier and a Prenatal Massage Liability Waiver (if you’re coming in for a Prenatal Massage). 
When you have parked, please text and wait for my response (I usually try my best to notify you 5-10 minutes before your appointment start time that I am ready for you). Once on the floor, please use the restroom & wash your hands. You will be greeted at the studio door where your temperature will be taken. 
We will go over your intake form so that I can make sure I customize your massage to fit your specific needs and wants. When a plan is agreed upon, you will be instructed to lay face up or down underneath the blanket and top sheet. I will exit the room so you can undress to what is most comfortable for you. I will knock and ask if you are ready before entering and then the massage will begin. I will inform you when the massage has ended and instruct you to open the door when you are dressed and ready, then we will close with a follow-up, feedback/ recommendations, check-out, rebook and will send you off with water and my business card. 

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